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Heath Ledger : 4th April 1979-22nd January 2008. RIP.

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Hello, you have found my lj. I am Rae (Rachael) and I am 26.
INTERESTS john barrowman, graphic making, playing guitar, ice skating, playing tennis, listening to music, watching movies, going to the cinema, eating in bars, hanging out with mates, rock clothing, rock chicks, rock guys.
MUSIC green day, nirvana, marilyn manson, slipknot, korn, queen, beatles, clash, ramones, muse, system of a down, rammstein, billy talent, chris cornell, audioslave, sound garden, garbage, hole, foo fighters, queens of the stone age, fall out boy.
TV F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Torchwood, Scrubs, That '70s Show, Smallville.
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Patrick Verona is my boyfriend.
I am the Rafael Nadal of Live Journal.
I am the Ennis Del Mar of Live Journal [fandom].

Heath Ledger.
Steve Irwin.

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