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100 Movies in 2009

I'm jumping on the bandwagon here. Since I didn't do this last year, I am going to list the movies I watch this year in this post. I'm going to list the movies i've watched this year, whether it be for the first time or for the 1000 time.

100 Movies

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You can leave me movie recommendations here too.

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First Round : RAFAEL NADAL

I set up the AO Tennis for this morning and I watched a bit before College, but since Rafa wasn't out til later than expected, I couldn't watch him live, live. So I went on to College, got a later bus and everything for him.. hehe, and then checked the Australian Open site for the scores. I kept checking to see when he was playing but he was like supposed to be out at 7:30pm Australian time but came out at like 10:30pm.
I found out the scores in College but when I got home after the bar I watched the recording of it. My god.. my first impressions.. :O holy cow! He looked soooo hot - more than he did before when playing tennis, if that was possible!!??!

Seriously, how hot is that guy? I have no one else to talk to about him since they all hate him, but hopefully some of you lot will like him. I know some do on my Flist =D. His new oufit was a 'nono' a few months ago but now, I LOVE IT.

Onto the Pictures;

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quendra just posted about John Travolta's son passing away. I figured I would too.

I am in shock. I never knew his son, but the fact his 16 year old son is now gone.. *shakes head* :( That just isn't right. So much for 2009 being better than 2008 when we get more starts like this. Just after Christmas too, I can't get over it.

An article is HERE

May he rest in peace. Thoughts go out to John and family.

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Brand/Ross Thing

I just wanted to post something about this.

Has anyone heard about the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand thing?

I think, personally, it's been blown out of proportion. Even though I am not a Brand mega fan, I am sad that he's quit his radio show and goodness knows what will happen to Ross and Brand. :(
I watched Ross every Friday with all the guest stars; it was the only good thing on the BBC imo.

Gah.. I mean it's terrible that they did what they did.. calling an 78yr old actor up and leaving a message about Brand having had sex with his Grand-Daughter.
But it's gone too far I think.

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How deep is your love?

Well, not long now til my birthday.. well like 30-31 days aroundabout. I'm not counting.. I just used a countdown timer from a site.
19 isn't really a good age to turn lol. It's an odd number and what else changes from when you were 18?

Anyway, man.. I cannot get over Heath's death. Seriously. I get all teary thinking about how great of a guy he was and then that video/image of him being taken out of his apartment in SoHo on a stretcher.. :\ It's disturbing. I can't get it out of my head.
It's just upsetting that we'll never see another movie with Heath in it, down the line I mean. I am looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight. But, you know.. it's just, not right. He was too young. And the way he went was terrible. He was such a lovely guy. He was shy which made him even hotter. He got nervous and anxious, just like me. I always like to see people who are as shy or even shyer than me. It gives me a bit more confidence.
No more new pictures of him or of him and Matilda or of him, Matilda and Michelle or whoever else he would be with, such as Jake Gyllenhaal.
I cannot begin to imagine what his family and friends are going through. :[
Life goes on... but it's sure not the same without Heath being around in interviews or pictures or movies.
I never went on about how much I liked Heath before his death, that's because I wasn't appreciating him when he was here. I acknowledged him when I saw his movies and I would say how great they were, or when I saw Heath in my mum's mag or my mag I would mention him. I remember seeing the naked pics of him for the first time; man that was a shock to see from someone shy.. lol. But still cute. I was too fixated on Green Day and Billie Joe lol.. but Heath was also one of my favourite actors, along with many others lol. But he truly was one of the best out there.

Rest In Peace, Heath Ledger. x
(Just had to get that off my chest somewhere.)