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F r i e n d s ONLY

Graphics @ joker_andthief, hotlikefiree & kangarooink
Read my User Info page for more about me.

CURRENTLY: adding/not adding
Join good_mcricons , music_b0x, simplepassion, x_ryreynolds

If you don't like Green Day/Heath Ledger/Scarlett Johansson/Angelina Jolie that's okay. But if you BASH them, don't add me.
If you type incorrectly, don't add me. (I mean "teenies" or typing "LykE Dis")
If you don't like Punk/Rock/Metal music don't complain to me about it.
If you don't credit anyone's graphics, then don't consider adding me.
As I like to be credited too and the proper way - in key words & if used on forums, then Billiesexmuffin @ LJ. Thank you.

weapon_icons >> brushes, textures
myrasis >> for icons, brushes
pfefferminzchen >> for brushes
charlotte_j >> for brushes
perfectalibi >> for light textures
peoplemachines >> for brushes
ombrerose >> for brushes and textures
dearest >> for brushes and such
sheld0n >> for brushes
ewanism >> for brushes
fate >> for brushes
phaantasia @ dustypaper for textures
damnicons >> for brushes
rhythmique >> for brushes
petits_papiers >> for brushes
ewanism >> for brushes
radon_ >> for icon frames
cauldroncake >> for textures
regen @ apparating >> for textures
obliviate >> for light textures
foryourhead >> for brushes
katrin_folly >> for brushes
apparent_icons >> for textures
kimcallea >> for light effects
amethystia100 >> for brushes
strawberries007 >> for brushes
ibedesign >> for textures
jadedicons >> for icon textures
risha666 >> for textures
thealiasgirl >> for brushes
my_givenchy >> for textures
forbiddenstorm >> for textures and brushes
tsukicon >> for text brushes and effects
luthien_black @ _promenadeicons >> for textures
ianthinae @ ianthinus >> for textures
teh_indy >> for brushes and splatters
domeofstars >> for icon frames and brushes
arisubox >> for brushes and textures
cauldroncake >> for brushes
pink_my_icons >> for textures and brushes
crazy_clockwork >> for light textures
silver_sunn101 >> for brushes
margrez @ margrez_style >> for lyric brushes
waxbiscuit >> for lyric brushes
plafulmispeling >> for textures
colorfilter >> for textures
violateraindrop >> for textures
babliz >> for textures
eveningwalk >> for textures and brushes
piemin >> for textures
violateraindrop >> for textures
worship_elle @ 3mused >> for textures
http://www.hollywoodheat.net/visual/vis.htm >> for textures
http://www.ancient-secret.de/ >> for brushes and textures
http://www.ex-posed.com/ >> for textures
arohex >> for good quality Green Day pictures


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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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3rd place @ joker_stills

2nd place @joker_stills

Original date posted :: 14th August 2005

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